Sovereign Municipality of Ameristralia


A message from
HSL The Sovereign Lord Mayor

G'day Ameristralians, dignitaries, and visitors! I, personally, welcome you on behalf of the Sovereign Family, our government and citizens to the Sovereign Municipality of Ameristralia.

I founded the municipality as a method to get my kids interested in understanding civics and public speaking. Over the course of the last six months, Ameristralia has developed far beyond my initial thoughts. We have had our ups and downs, but through the trials, we have developed quite a municipality.

Today, we are the home of thirty-six global citizens. Ameristralia is a constitutional monarchy featuring British-styled peerages. Our unique system differentiates our Head of State and our Head of Government, into a Westminster-styled structure. 

There is information and profiles on our government, a calendar of events and holidays, our Twitter feed below, and a library of forms for registering a business to studying for a degree at the Ameristralian University! There is so much to learn about Ameristralia here, I hope that you enjoy your visit.

Thank you so much for visiting our website. If you have any questions, you can contact us via email:

On behalf of our citizens and government,

David Brooke

His Sovereign Lord David

Get to Know Us

You can find wiki articles about Ameristralia at Dove Archives, our preferred micronational wiki site.   

Dove Archives is a wiki site featuring over 100 articles on micronations.

Follow this link to our main article. You can also learn about many other micronations throughout the world.

Our Flag

Our Numbers

Ameristralia has 43 global citizens, located in 14 macronations, according to 2023 census data.

There are six Wards, overseen by a Mayor, appointed by the Sovereign Lord Mayor. The wards are Harkfield, Herrisford, Hillover, Horgrave, Hubourne, and Terrasen.

Our Peerage system features twenty individual peerages, from Duchies to our Nobility.

The Municipal Flag (pictured above) features two large stars that represent the municipality and the wards. The Municipal emblem features the municipal bird, six stars that symbolise the wards  and the municipal values of equality and freedom. 

The Sovereign Family consists of His Sovereign Lord, Her Sovereign Grace and their children, including Her Sovereign Lady The Sovereign Countess Grosvenor the Sovereign Heir.