The Sovereign Municipality of Ameristralia was founded on Friday 13 August 2021 by His Sovereign Lord David for the purpose of teaching his children organisation, diplomacy, public speaking, delegation, and management.

Initially, the municipality was formed as a semi-presidential parliamentary municipal republic; however, early in September 2021, the structure was changed to a constitutional monarchy, in the form of a mayorship.

Brooke's title changed to its current form, His Sovereign Lord. The family became known as the Sovereign Family with each child holding a hereditary peerage of a Barony.

Mrs Brooke is officially styled, Her Sovereign Grace the Duchess of Brookfield, in her own right.

Since 2 October, Her Sovereign Lady The Sovereign Countess Grosvenor was decreed as the Sovereign Heir by His Sovereign Lord David.

Municipal Structure

Sovereign Lord Mayor

His Sovereign Lord The Sovereign Lord Mayor David

The Sovereign Lord Mayor of Ameristralia is considered the Head of State, Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, and titular Advisor to His government.

He is also considered the fount of honours. The Sovereign Lord holds the highest grade of all dynastic and municipal orders, including Sovereign of the Order of the Crimson Garter, Inquisitor of the Most Noble and Royal Order of the Sovereign Eagle, Grand Companion of the Royal Order of the Sacred Phoenix, Grand Commander Knight of the Most Honourable and Venerable Order of the Noble Eagle, Sovereign of the Order of Ameristralia, and Grand Knight of the Order of the Emu. Brooke holds a number of foreign honours as well.

His Sovereign Ameristralian Defence Forces decorations include the Distinguished Service Medal, Leadership Medal, Legion of Merit, Commendation Medal, Defence of the Empire of Lurdentania Medal, Australia Service Medal, and Service Ribbon.

Sovereign Heir

The Most Honourable The Sovereign Countess Grosvenor

The Sovereign Heir is the next in the line of succession to the Sovereign Lord Mayor and may attend official municipal functions on behalf of the Head of State.

The Sovereign Heir was appointed on 2 October 2022 by His Sovereign Lord's Decree 32/2022. The Sovereign Heir receives the Earldom Grosvenor, the senior most Earldom in the Peerage of Ameristralia and was granted Letters Patent as a Dame of the Order of the Crimson Garter and the Most Noble and Royal Order of the Sovereign Eagle.

Her Sovereign Countess also was given the patronage of the Ameristralian University.


The Government of Ameristralia is formed by Members of the Municipal Assembly (MA, for short).

The Head of Government is the Chief Minister. This position is responsible for planning the policy agenda of the government, nominating MA to Ministries, and upholding the Constitution, Decrees, Edicts, Laws, and orders of the municipality.

There are seven Ministries in the government, each with specified responsibilities. They are -

Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Ministry of Treasury and Investment

Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources

Ministry of Education

Ward Mayors are entitled to a seat in the Municipal Assembly and may serve on the Government of Ameristralia. The Mayor of Harkfield formerly served His Sovereign Lord's Government as the Minister of Treasury and Investment. The Mayor of Horgrave was the inaugural Chief Minister of the government.

Government Officials

Chief Minister

The Honourable Viscount Philadelphia Kyson, MA

Minister of Immigration and Citizenship

The Much Honoured Baroness Philadelphia Arlia, MA

Minister of Treasury and Investment

Her Sovereign Countess The Sovereign Heir Tehya, MA

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade

His Sovereign Lord The Sovereign Lord Mayor David

Minister of Environment and Natural Resources

The Much Hon'd Baroness Brookfield Shayla, MA

Minister of Education

Her Sovereign Grace The Duchess Brookfield and Harkness