Government Announcements

4 June 2023, 

His Sovereign Lord David announces, in coordination with His Government, a change of the official name of the municipality from "The Sovereign Municipality of Ameristralia" to  the "Sovereign Municipality of Ameristralia."

More information can be found here

26 April 2023, 

The Municipal Assembly of Ameristralia has passed the Recycling Act of 2023. The act aims to reduce waste, encourage recycling and aims to establish waste reduction goals across the municipality within five years.  

More information can be found here, under Municipal Laws. 

7 April 2023, 

The Ministry of Treasury and Investment has closed the Sovereign Bank of Ameristralia as a service to individuals. Citizens and foreigners who may have deposited funds in the bank have been notified of the action. The Ministry has set up unclaimed funds forms. 

25 February 2023, 

His Sovereign Lord Mayor David, on behalf of the Government of Ameristralia, announces the annexation of the Ward of Herrisford. Herrisford is the second Ameristralian Overseas Territory, being located in the US state of Michigan.

The Right Honourable Countess Herrisford Emmy Brooke has received a Letter of Patent as the Ward Mayor.  The capital of Herrisford is names Waterfall City. 

Decrees on the annexation and Letters Patent can be found here.

Flag of the Ward of Herrisford

24 January 2023, 

The Government of Ameristralia announces its Annual Project - Environmental Impact 2023

This project focuses on cleaning our environment, reducing our negative impact on the environment, and educating the municipality on ways to live a less environmentally harmful life. Throughout the year the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources will oversee monthly rubbish removal projects, information on the environmental impact humankind has on Earth, climate change and living an environmentally-friendly life. 

More information can be found at Similarly, you can check out our Events page for upcoming Environmental Impact 2023 events.

24 January 2023, 

The Government of Ameristralia announces the following ministerial appointments by His Sovereign Lord David.

His Sovereign Lord David

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Her Sovereign Countess The Sovereign Heir

Minister of Treasury and Investment

Her Sovereign Grace The Duchess of Brookfield and Harkness

Minister of Education

The Much Honoured Baroness Philadelphia

Minister of Immigration and Citizenship 

The Much Honoured Baroness Brookfield

Minister of Environment and Natural Resources