Before you travel overseas, be sure to update yourself on any travel restrictions or places of concern. Ameristralian Consulates offer services in several countries; however not every country offers Ameristralian Consular Services.

A comprehensive list of Consulate and Embassy locations can be found on this page.

You can register with TravelWise to receive travel advice updates below.

Consulate Locations



New Zealand

Consul-General Name

David Brooke

Caleb Ashworth

Services Available

Immigration, Voting, Business registration

Immigration, Voting, Business registration

Travel Advice and Restrictions

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade issues a monthly list of countries that Ameristralians should be cautious of visitng.

Ameristralians can register with TravelWise to receive updates about the places they visit while travelling and also receive contact details of the nearest Ameristralian Consulate or Embassy.

The following is a list of countries that the Ministry advises against travel to;