Entry and Visitation

Visa Information

Travellers to Ameristralia are required to possess a valid Entry Document, commonly called a 'visa,' prior to entering Ameristralia. Whether you are a tourist or passing through as a port of call, you must acquire a visa.*

Visas provide the Ameristralian Government and applicable agencies with information on who you are, what your travel is for, and how long you plan to stay in Ameristralia. Our government uses this information to communicate with your nation of residence's applicable agencies to ensure you are able to travel, it is safe to do so and to assist in the case of an emergency.

It is illegal to overstay your visa. If you overstay a visa, you will be charged with an offence, extradited from Ameristralia, and face a fine of up to §AMR100,000 and permanent ban from entering the municipality in the future.

Requirements for Entry

Visitors to Ameristralia must meet the following requirements in order to enter the municipality

  • Not be a Convicted Felon of violence or drug-related offences

  • Not be under punishment of the justice system for committing an offence

  • Be free from warrants of arrest

  • Not be from a nation that is not recognised by the Ameristralian Government

  • Possess a valid passport from a nation recognised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

  • Have pre-booked lodging arrangements

  • Be able to support yourself for the length of your stay

What you can not do in Ameristralia as a Visitor

As a visitor to Ameristralia, you must adhere to all decrees, and municipal and ward laws.

You are not allowed to do the following

  • Work or seek employment

  • Perform services

  • Overstay your visa

  • Vote

  • Collect social services benefits

What happens if I overstay my Visa

It is an offence to overstay your visa.

The Ameristralian government understands that there are times and events which make renewal of a visa impossible. It is with these conditions in mind that the government asks that all visitors ensure they do not overstay their length of visit.

Our Visas provide ample time for visitors to complete their business or renew their visa at a local consulate or embassy.

If you are unable to renew your visa due to emergency, weather, hospitalisation, injury, or other emergent scenarios, the government asks you to contact us as soon as possible to arrange support.