Foreign Affairs

Do you value international relations with peaceful and professional nations?
Are you looking to develop long-term mutually beneficial pacts?
Learn what is required of foreign nations and what we offer diplomatically here.


What is Ameristralia's Foreign Policy?

The Sovereign Municipality of Ameristralia believes in the sovereignty of all democratically-formed and governed nations, their land claims, and territories.

Ameristralia takes a stance of neutrality in conflict and seeks to use diplomatic measures to mitigate issues. It strongly advocates for this policy throughout the international community.

Ameristralia supports the formation and association of international agencies for diplomatic, ecological, and economic purposes.

Ameristralia is open to international pacts that provide mutual and open communication and cooperation which foreign nations.

Why are Diplomatic relations important?

Diplomatic relations serve the purpose of uniting two or more nations with similar goals, ideals, and values into mutually beneficial agreements.

Is Ameristralia currently a member of International organisations?

Yes, Ameristralia is a member of the Organisation of Asiatic and Oceanic Micronations.

It is a former member of the now-defunct Micronational Community of Australia and the Alliance of Unified Democrat Independent Micronations.

Ameristralia is a signatory of the Citadel Accords. The Accords is a treaty of assistance and cooperation between four nations.

What nations does Ameristralia have diplomatic ties with?

Ameristralia has informal ties with several micronations throughout the world. However, the municipality plans to re-introduce formal relations in the coming weeks.

What is the process of acquiring diplomatic relations?

Kindly complete and submit the 'Diplomatic Relations Application' form, located at the top of this page and bottom of every page. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade will review applications in the order they have been received.

Thorough investigations of applicant nations are performed to ensure that the values of Ameristralia align with the applicant.

Submissions will be contacted by the Ministry regards the processing of their application within a timely manner.

Can I contact the Ministry if I need more information?

If you have any concerns or questions you can contact the Ministry via email.