Current Diplomatic Agreements

Citadel Accords

Ameristralia holds diplomatic relations with several micro-states, including the cooperative pact, Citadel Accords, with seven foreign states.
The full Citadel Accords can be read below.

Citadel Accords

The Sovereign Municipality of Ameristralia

Empire of Liberestien

Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Recognition

Ameristralia holds mutual cooperation and recognition with several micronations
A comprehensive list can be found below

Ameristralia recognises most United Nations signatory nations, including the Republic of Taiwan and Palestine.

A list of nations that Ameristralia does not recognise as legitimate can be found here.

Republic of Chriona

Humanitarian Empire and Realm

Dominion of Vancouver Island

Organisational membership

The Sovereign Municipality of Ameristalia is a member state of the United Sovereignties intermicronational organisation

Convention Signatory

The Sovereign Municipality of Ameristalia is a signatory of the following micronational and international conventions

Montediszamble Convention on Freedom of Expression, Civility and Copyright Protection in Micronationalism

Diplomatic relations requirements

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs understands and respects the established requirements of sovereign nations with regard to the formation of diplomatic relations.

The following is a list of requirements that a nation must meet prior to the formation of diplomatic ties with Ameristralia

The nation must condemn or not recognise micronational warfare
The nation must have a democratically elected government
The nation must have a physical land claim
The nation must be developed with a Constitution or Charter and laws
The nation must maintain communication with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Nations who meet the above requirements and wish to establish diplomatic ties are asked to complete and submit the form below entitled,

Diplomatic Relations Application