October 2022 Election Results

The Municipal Assembly of Ameristralia Election Day is important to the democratic functions of the state. Members of the Municipal Assembly are chosen by anonymous, digital ballot, using a unique ballot identifier key system, to ensure the integrity of votes and discourage election fraud.

In the October 2022 Election,

Municipal Assembly elections used a Preferred Choice ballot system. Voters had a number of choices as there are candidates. The candidate with the most votes after the First Choice is counted, is considered the Chief Minister-Elect. In the case of a tie, second choices are counted on each ballot to determine a winner. Subsequent choices were counted and added to the total for candidates until a tie was broken. If candidates remained tied after all choices were counted, a run-off election would have been called.

The election marked the second fully democratic election of the assembly in Ameristralia.

Early results and exit polling were found here until the final results are prepared and announced.

RESULTS of the 8 October 2022 Election

October 2022 Election Results